Test stands

Test stands

REDEX offers high class speed increasers for high speed / high power test stands.     

Precise simulation of variable torque is provided under MEROBEL brand with torque control solution for testing motors, actuators or mechanical components in real situation.

4-square loading drive

The REDEX SR epicyclic gear-train is made of three elements linked by gears. Two sun-gears and a planet carrier. Integrating an SR epicyclic gear-train into a closed loop kinematic by connection the the two sun-gears, allows components to be tested at very high power using drive motors with only 10 – 30% of the total test power. This is achieved by torsionally winding the system in the static condition by rotating the planet carrier.

Main test stand drive

REDEX Z and R series make up an extensive range of compact, high strength spiral bevel gearboxes with outstanding performance. Heat treated Klingenberg spiral gears (HPG-S on request) supported by strong taper roller bearings ensure long life. Modular housing and output shaft or hollow bore design offers a designer a library of solutions for any right angle application.

Graphite spheroidal housing, self-contained oil splash lubrication sealed by viton

Torque control solutions

MEROBEL offers torque control solutions at the different stages of your product development for prototyping validation, lifetime simulation or production quality control.

EMP brake is a very simple actuator to generate torque (torque is proportional to the current and independent of the rotation speed).

Complete accurate torque control package can be realized with a static torque meter (TRS family) and controller (HMI DGT300+ or PLC style DG-block).

Communication with your automation environment is possible with our controllers.

REDEX Group is a European Engineering company offering Mechatronics solutions worldwide.


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REDEX Group is a European Engineering company offering Mechatronics solutions worldwide.

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