Paper & film converting

Paper & film converting

Converting machine by continuous process such like paper, plastic, corrugated etc.. requires always higher speeds with product more and more complex, forces the machine builders to have access to converting process parameters like web tension, cylinders register or precise speed adjustments. 

According to REDEX drive ranges dedicated to converting machines such as clutches, brakes or differentials, REDEX built-up well known drives solutions with electronics for accurate web tension control allowing very slight product tension or precise speed adjustment.

Winding & Tension control solutions

Converting machines offer many different operations inline like printing, coating, laminating, folding,embossing, stamping, die cutting,finishing…

Web tension control can be done with various solutions depending on products (material, thickness, width), sections of the machine as there can be different tension zones (winding, intermediate tension zone) and processes (continuous, stop & go motion, winding with roll inertia…) 

MEROBEL Torque & Tension products and expert team can support all types of solutions, from open loop control to most sophisticated solutions in closed loop (dancer  or  load cells) offering dedicated functions (variable pid, inertia compensation, mix of open loop – closed loop, taper rewinding functions) whenever it is necessary to offer stable and repeatable control of the web.

Communication with the machine interface is very important nowadays so all controllers offer  ethernet & USB ports for easy setting up and data exchanges.

Printing & cutting

REDEX SR epicyclic gear train is a planetary gearbox ensuring mechanical kinematic connection between two machine elements and allowing relative adjustment of the output with regards to the input when the machine is running or at rest.

Intermittent position adjustment allows accurate phase shifting of the output.

Continuous speed adjustment allows ultra precise speed.

Phase shifting

Precise speed adjustment

Main drive

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REDEX Group is a European Engineering company offering Mechatronics solutions worldwide.

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