Metal strip processing

Metal strip processing

Metal strip processing machine requires continuous web tension at any step of the process. This is where REDEX offers cylinder drive solutions using differential for balance driving torque and speed of S pulling bloc cylinders or to compensate web elongation by precise cylinder speed adjustment. 

For aluminum or copper foils (used in battery application for example), most processes need accurate tension control to ensure thickness coating stability and smooth laminating control. Measurement & control can be driven with Merobel products.

Precision rolls positionning axis

SRP is the multipurpose member of the REDEX RP range that can be combined with a bellows coupling to drive a ballscrew with high ratio 3 stage reduction to accurately control a heavy load using a small size motor.

Winding & Tension control solutions

For winding or intermediate tension control, MEROBEL offers solutions with tension or torque measurement (load cells, torque sensors or dancer position feedback), tension controllers and for foils, EMP brakes & clutches able to control tension independently of the machine speed variation. 

Tension control solution are usually requested in following machines and processes : rolling mills, levelling, calendering lines, laminating – coating – foiling – embossing – slitting processes.


Speed & torque adjustement

REDEX SR epicyclic gear train is a planetary gearbox that ensures a mechanical kinematic connection between input and output cylinders blocs of tension levelling line machine and allows very accurate speed adjustment of the strip by means of precise speed variation of the correction shaft of the differential.

Accurate elongation control is essential to obtain good flatness without incurring the risk of strip rupture.

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REDEX Group is a European Engineering company offering Mechatronics solutions worldwide.

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