Cable & composite

Fiber & Cable

REDEX offers a wide panel of products dedicated to wire and cable industries: differentials, multispeed gearboxes, tension control solution. 

With composites (glass, carbon fibers…), complementary solutions have been designed to support high precision positioning solutions.

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Winding & Tension control solutions


Either for designing new equipment or for upgrading an old machine, tension control is usually key factor in the final product quality. For simple applications, it helps to avoid breakage or stretching of the material and stabilize the process but for the high-end applications, fast reaction and high accuracy request specific knowledge and solutions that are today included in MEROBEL controllers.

Out of tension control process, tension measurement and data logging is also sometimes necessary for quality control & process management.

Linear & rotary axis

REDEX RP range offers a large variety of drive solutions with several levels of accuracy matching cable and carbon fiber process requirements.

From Single to TwinDRIVE or DualDRIVE options allowing cost-effective solutions adapted to meet the machine quality, performance and price requirements.

Main drive

REDEX Z and R series make up an extensive range of compact, high strength spiral bevel gearboxes with outstanding performance. Heat treated Klingenberg spiral gears (HPG-S on request) supported by strong taper roller bearings ensure long life. Modular housing and output shaft or hollow bore design offers a designer a library of solutions for any right angle application.

Graphite spheroidal housing, self-contained oil splash lubrication sealed by viton.

Single twist adjustment

REDEX SR epicyclic gear train is a planetary gearbox ensuring a mechanical kinematic connection between cable drum speed and the “Flyer” rotation generating the cable twist (resulting from the relative speeds). The differential ensures precise speed adjustment of the cable flyer according to the reel diameter.

The large possibility of ratios that the SR unit offers allows optimization of the adjustment motor size. The motor size is finally proportional to the speed variation range.

REDEX Group is a European Engineering company offering Mechatronics solutions worldwide.


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REDEX Group is a European Engineering company offering Mechatronics solutions worldwide.

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