Label & Packaging

Label & Packaging

With thinner films, lighter papers and increasing line speed, tension control is a key point for label and packaging machines.

MEROBEL Torque & Tension experience in this field of applications ensures the best solution for your machine including all the dedicated functions of a specialist to make it happen.

Winding & Tension control solutions

Packaging market includes many different types of products requiring a large variety of torque and tension control solutions. Some applications request a unique torque or tension level which can be addressed using torque limiters: capping applications, capstan solution to brake a pulley or nip cylinder.

When different levels of tension have to be addressed, then a controllable actuator is necessary and MEROBEL EMP brakes & clutches are perfect and simple electrical based solutions to drive the tension smoothly.

Then depending on accuracy or repeatability, package solutions can be offered with load cells to measure tension, and dancers to control stop & go process. Controllers are then the key components to collect the measurement information and control the actuators.

MEROBEL offers all of these solutions along with the know-how to make it work. Latest generation of controllers are able to communicate with your PLC or HMI making the tension control solution easy to integrate with your automation solution.

Main drive

REDEX Z and R series make up an extensive range of compact, high strength spiral bevel gearboxes with outstanding performance. Heat treated Klingenberg spiral gears (HPG-S on request) supported by strong taper roller bearings ensure long life. Modular housing and output shaft or hollow bore design offers a designer a library of solutions for any right angle application.

Graphite spheroidal housing, self-contained oil splash lubrication sealed by viton.

REDEX Group is a European Engineering company offering Mechatronics solutions worldwide.


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REDEX Group is a European Engineering company offering Mechatronics solutions worldwide.

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